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So You Want to Be like Paris Hilton

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“So You Want to Be like Paris Hilton?"


Paris Hilton quickly became the talk of the whole world. “Have you heard Paris Hilton has found

religion in jail? Everyone who saw Paris Hilton testify to the fact that she had found God in jail

was amazed such an extraordinary thing had happened to one with such a high public profile.

Why had Paris Hilton turned to God when she had previously lived with not regard for God or His

Son Jesus Christ?

The answer is she had know one else to turn too. Faced with the humiliation and shame of her

wrong doing and having exhausted all avenues of peace she reached rock bottom. She seemed

to say that her glamorous lifestyle of fame and it’s trappings failed satisfy her so she turned to

God and religion.

But after her release from jail little seems to have changed for Paris Hilton. She has a new boy

friend and continues to enjoy the high life of parties and a glamorous lifestyle only the rich and

famous can enjoy.

Everyone who observes her sees the obvious, she said she had changed and was going to follow

God and be a better person but alas it just hasn’t happened.

The amazing thing is that If you are a young women you are like Paris Hilton.

Ways in which you are like Paris Hilton

She is made by God in His image and so are you

She was born in rebellion to god and so where you.

She has fears and anxieties, joys and happiness. So have you

She has a never dying soul and so do you

She will die and so will you

She will stand before a holy God and so will you

She will spend forever in heaven or hell and so will you.

You are unlike her in she probably is more wealthy than you,

You are lost to God, your life is abnormal.1 You are shipwrecked like the Paris Hilton. How it that?

God made you to be under his loving rule, to be in a relationship with Himself…to know Him and

love and serve Him, that’s normal yet you have ran aground so you can’t live how your where

made to. 2.

But amazingly God sent His Son Jesus Christ to bring us back into that relationship by living and

dying as the God – Man. He can rescue us form being abnormal and living shipwrecked lives.3

God sent Jesus Christ to rescue you. He came from God, He was prepared to become abnormal;

a human and be grounded and in fact he was lost to God on the cross so you might be


The message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is that we cannot understand ourselves or

what is happening in this world apart apart from humbly submitting ourselves to God and His

story in the Bible which is simply this…5

God made you to be in a relationship with Himself – that’s normal

To deny that God exists is foolish in the extreme. The Bible says, "The fool has said in his heart

there is no God." 6.

The record of the creation of the world and man as a perfect moral being made for relationship

with God fill the early chapters of the Bible. ( Genesis 1-3 ) Here we find the basis of true reality.

This world was by God and for God. We are the crown of His creation and made to for

relationship, first with this God then with each other. This is the basis of true happiness.7. The

truly happy person the Bible says is the one who is in relationship and submission to this creator

God. 8.

You choose to be live wrecked like Paris Hilton – - abnormal

Every one of us is in rebellion to God because of what happened not long after creation. Two

historical people; Adam and eve chose to ignore God and rebelled against His rule over their lives.

The result was they chose to ignore God and live independent of Him. We have been reaping the

consequences ever since. Death and a world that is out of sink are the sad results. God said that

if we went our own way, He would punish us and so life is not easy. 9

The Bible gives the answer to why there are wars, fighting with families and crime.10 It also tells

us why there are accidents and sickness and death. 11. The answer is that this world is no longer

perfect because of our rebellion to this Creator God. Only a fool would be blind to the fact this

world is in a terrible mess. 12.

Why is it that we are so quick to blame God when things go wrong, yet we totally ignore Him

when life is good?13. Our response to dish it out to God is proof that deep down we believe He

really does exist.14. How sad that it takes a tragedy for us to acknowledge Him. And then it's


Does Christianity have a response to the recent Newcastle floods and the human suffering that

has followed? Or do events like this just discredit God and therefore Christianity because it

seems He is so judgemental and unloving?

The Apostle Paul in the book of Romans 1 tells us that God is the creator of the world, control it

and all we see around us shouts his existence. It also tells us that we choose to ignore the

evidence before us. It also goes on to tell us that God will one day execute a judgement to right

all the wrongs we commit and send those who reject God’s amnesty now thru Jesus to eternal

punishment in Hell.

Again, isn't it curious that whenever we see injustice and oppression in the world we are quick to

seek justice? Surely, this is another proof that we a made in God's image. For God seeks justice


Why does God allow evil in the world? Is there an answer? Can we reconcile the fact that if God

is a God of love how can He allow so much suffering and evil in the world? The Bible tells us that

from beginning to end we are not neutral beings. The reason is rather shocking to us humans and

very sobering. But the…

Good News - Jesus has taken the punishment you and Paris Hilton deserve

The Bible also begins by tells us that although we messed up things, God promised to send

someone who would make everything right. This person is Jesus Christ God's Son. The reason

why God came Himself and took on human flesh was He like us saw the injustice of our rebellion.

The miracle is that rather than punish us He punished His Son on the cross 2000 years ago. In

Jesus God does two things. He proves He is God. How? In the Gospels Jesus proves He is God

record. He at power of nature, death and disease. We see he calmed storms, healed diseases

and rose again from the dead.

God says, stop rebelling and let Me loving rule you

Respond to what Jesus has done – become normal againliving

under His loving rule…

God in the Bible says you are to accept his invitation of forgiveness for your rebellion, your

abnormal ship wrecked life…

Amazingly Jesus died in your place. He now calls you to commit your whole life to Him. By asking

Him to be your new King or boss and not living selfishly you can know his love and peace and joy.

That’s normal. Also He adopts you into His family. How? By no long trusting yourself but His Son

Jesus and what He has done in living, dying and overcoming death by rising from the grave for


He is calling you now, why not surrender and run into His loving arms and cry out for His

forgiveness and cleanings from you rebellious life. He will hear you and make you new from the


Next be sorry for living your life with no reference to God or His Son. You have ignored God as

Father and so you must turn away from your independence to live his way as told in the Bible.

Pray that God will change you into a new person and then tell us about it so we can help you

grow as a new person that responds by loving God, Jesus and others by the power of His Holy

Spirit. You can join our Christian community and learn how to live Jesus Christ and love others

from the Bible…

Do it now, God is calling you…to come home…to Him thru Jesus’ life and death…

1. Romans 3:23

2. Genesis 1-3

13. Romans 9 ?


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