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Home Church Planting/Missional “Seek the Peace of the City…”

“Seek the Peace of the City…”

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“Seek the Peace of the City…”

Jeremiah 29





Big question: How are scattered strangers to live? (Those who are in the world but not of it.)


Big Idea: Seek the peace of the city


Purpose of the Chapter: I want to persuade my hearers who are aliens to seek the peace of their city.


Purpose of the Book: God offers through Jeremiah no hope of mercy until they had suffered the punishment due to their sins. God’s purpose was he should also herald His grace and the salvation promisedJohn Calvin


Context: Chapters 18 – Thirty six miscellaneous prophecies relating to different periods:  Chapters 25-29 foretelling the Babylonian exile. 


Best N.T commentary is 1 Peter  cf. 1 Peter 1:1


1. Why are you to seek the Peace of the city?


Negatively – Because God promises Judgement on the city – why?


  1. Because you don’t respond the the word of the prophets  v15-19


  1. Because you are adulterous  v20 -23


  1. Because of Shemaiah preached rebellion against the Lord verse Thirty Two


  1. Because they where mad prophets verse xxvi


  1. Because they rejected Jeremiah’s words cf v5  - v28


  1. Because he was sent not and caused them to trust in a lie - verse Thirty one

- Results in a letter of judgement on Semaiah



2. Why are we to seek the Peace of the city?


Postively – Because God seeks the peace of  the city, How?


1. He gives grace in His promises – to visit you, fulfill His good word, bring you back to your place -  v10


2. He gives grace because He knows – He’s omniscient – He promises peace & an expected end -  v11


Thirdly: He gives grace because He hears – I will answer prayer - v12


Fourthly: God promise we will find Him and again be His people in His place under His loving reign and rule verse Fourteen


Fifthly: Because they want to be God’s people in God’s place - verse Thirty two


Secondly. Therefore how are you to seek the Peace of the city?


By doing GOOD to the city in three practical ways


1. Do Good to the city domestically

Your to build places of  domicile  v5

          - Homes

Your to build domestic relationships verse six   cf. 1 Tim 5: xiv, 1 Cor 7:36-38

– marriages 

2. Do good to the city prosperity wise  v7

-   Seek the peace of the city    cf. 1 Peter 2 : Thirteen-17, 1 Tim 2:1-1

3. Do good to the city spiritually


Be discerning  v8

-         Don’t be deceived   

Be  spiritual v12, 13

          - Prayer to the Lord 

          - Seek God with your whole heart


- He then promises we will find Him  verse Thirteen







The message of the Bible is that all men are under judgement in adam. In Gen iv:17 Men built cities because of sin/fear. Cities are refuges but only on earth. God will destroy earthly cities. But God is gracious, He came in flesh to take the judgment we deserve by dying in our place. He rose and went to a new city, heaven which is eternal, There is no more sin or death or disease that is in earthly cities. No God has an eternal city for a new inhabitants, who are righteous and holy because of Christ.


We as aliens are to be salt and light, seeking the good of our earthly cities. Why? Because although God is just He is also gracious. He sent Christ to redeem people in cities that He may have a people in a new city, heaven which is perfect and everlasting. That’s why we are to seek the peace of our city – because it’s the now and not yet of the kingdom of God.







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