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Home Sermons Essential reading for Gray Nomads #9 Beware of the New Age

Essential reading for Gray Nomads #9 Beware of the New Age

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 Beware of the New Age



Hello, I found your article on New Age movement very interesting. I was heavily involved in all those things - it started fro a health perspective - fi nding a way to manage stress and anxiety. I did Yoga, hindu meditation, reiki, crystal therapy, tarot cards, seances etc not knowing they were bad. I have felt 'not right' for a long time so I kept buying more and more books going to new age workshops etc. I have felt a heaviness and internal struggle for a long time. Then 5 monthsa ago I went to my local church, a pentecostal church. That day they asked if anyone does not know Jesus to raise their hand and come down the front. I put up my hand and went down. Thi sis when I started to see how bad new age movement is, and how it is truly satanis and a work of the Devil. The night I was saved, 'god' came to me in a dream and then put his hand over my nouth and raped me. Since I have started going to church regularly and attending bible studies class I have had many dreams of VERY satanic nature. Some dreams involving animal and children sacrifices. Many dreams where I am face to face with the Devil and he kept telling me"I am NEVER GOING TO LET YOU GO YOU BELONG TO ME."

I didn't know by doing all this new age stuff what I had done. In my deliverance, it came up that my third eye had been opened and also my kundalini shakti (cobra wa seeing out of the eye.) I reneounced all of it.

So this past Friday, I went to my church and was administered deliverance from all the new age practices I have been involved in. My body shook tremendously, I was screaming and crying, I felt like i wanted to violently punch the pastor across from me, I was conscious in a way but not in control.

By doing Reiki, Kinesiology, yoga (which all seemed harmless) I had given entry to demon control. No less than 6 DEMONS came out of me that day, with a great effort. Finally, I feel at peace in my heart and freedom, PRAISE JESUS!!

It was such an eye opening experience for me - and I think that so many Australian people are getting into this stuff genuinely seeking god (I know I did) not knowing what they're doing. It all started when I innocently wandered into a new age bookstore, attracted by the pretty crystal jewllery and windchimes in the windows.

I beleive that as christians we have a big responsibility to help these people to help them achieve deliverance, and freedom.

I also wanted to mention two highly prolofic new age leaders not on your list who I had previously followed
-Louise Hay (sold millions of books worldwide)
-Eckhart Tolle (sold millions and been on NY times bestseller, has been promoted heavily by Oprah.)

Most people I know have read 'a new earth' or the 'power of now' or evern 'the secret.'

I think you should add these to your list so people reading it dont think those books are okay, because they are NOT. They worship the 'universe' instead of Jesus, which is wrong.

Thanks for your site

God bless you



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