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Free Lessons on God's Ten Words -Thank you Dr Van Til

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Free Lessons on God's Ten Words - Thank you Dr Van Til



The Ten Commandments - Free PDF Download

Editor: These remarkable studies on the Ten Commandments are for senior or college students. We suggest they read them out load to you or each other, discuss what you don't understand and them summarize each paragraph on your laptop. Moms you could then set either a test based on these summaries or a short assigment based on each commandment.

Moms and seniors: If you are not firmiliar with Dr Cornelius Van Til can we such you read these excellent introductory articles. This is hard work but oh the dividends for you and your children. Conclude with this leason from Dr John Frame; Preaching Christ from the Decaloque. This is an essential meditative exercise for your Senior(s)  to complete each of the 10 lessons. Have them reflect on a) Am I guilty of breaking God's laws and need to turn to Christ by faith andhumble repentance b) Am I guilty of breaking God's laws as a Christian and need to come to Christ in confession and humble repentance seeking His forgiveness and enabling power.

Why Van Til is important -  Douglas Wilson

Vant Til: the total picture - a Helpful Table - Steve Scrivener

The Readers Digest Gudie to Van Til - John Campbell

Van Til: His Simplicity and Profundity- John M. Frame











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