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God's covenants in Islam & Christianity - Free PDF Book

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God's covenant in Islam

God's covenant in the Torah: That you may prosper Free PDF Book

Ray Sutton

Editor: We invite our readers to examine the importance of the covenants in the Torah There are three levels of covenants in the Torah, Psalms, Prophets and Gospels. The primary level of covenants is the God-to-God-covenant. This is the covenant among the Godhead, illustrated in the Abrahamic covenant where God took a covenantal "oath" to Himself and used the other members of the Godhead to "witness" (Gen. 15:1-21). The secondary level is from God to man. When one is converted, he enters this covenant. Finally, there is the tertiary level of covenants from man to man, falling into two categories: Selfmaledictory covenants which are binding until the "death" of those involved, and contracts which should not be accompanied by "self-maledictory" oaths, oaths that call down death to the one who breaks the covenant.





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