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Home Church Planting/Missional "More Than Notion" by J.H. Alexander - Book

"More Than Notion" by J.H. Alexander - Book

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"More Than Notion" by J.H. Alexander

Published by Zoar Publications, price £4.95 ISBN 0 904435 66 0 Zoar Publications is an imprint of Christian Bookshop Ossett from whom the book can be ordered. (Also available at £5.95 by a different publisher from Sovereign Grace Mission, PO Box 55, Biggleswade, SG18 9UU)

"True religion is more than notion, something must be known and felt" reads Hart’s hymn. Find out what he means by reading about the spiritual experiences of the remarkable group of people described in this book.




Vain is all our best devotion,

If on false foundations built;

True religion’s more than notion,

Something must be known and felt.


‘Tis to credit contradictions;

Talk with him one never sees;

Cry and groan beneath afflictions,

Yet to dread the thoughts of ease.


‘Tis to feel the fight against us,

Yet the victory hope to gain;

To believe that Christ has cleansed us,

Though the leprosy remain.


‘To be steadfast in believing,

Yet to tremble, fear, and quake;

Every moment be receiving

Strength, and yet be always weak.


To be fighting, fleeing, turning;

Ever sinking, yet to swim;

To converse with Jesus, mourning

For ourselves or else for him.

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote the Foreword for the second edition in 1965:

I am delighted to hear that there is a call for a second edition of this excellent book and am most happy therefore to write a word of commendation for it.  It came into my hands almost accidentally.  I had never heard of the author, but the moment I began to read I was gripped and deeply moved.

There are some books of which it can be said that to read them is an experience, and one is never the same again.  The extracts out of the lives of these various people who came in various ways to a saving knowledge of Christ are, at one and the same time, convicting and encouraging.  Some were poor and ignorant, others well placed socially, and learned and cultured; but all came to the same glorious experience.

In reading about them one is shown the vital difference between a head-knowledge of the Christian faith and a true heart experience.

In recommending it to the congregation at Westminster Chapel on a Friday night I said that it should be made compulsory reading for all theologians especially, but it will prove valuable also to all who long for a vital Christian experience.

Many who have read it as the result of my recommendation have testified to the blessing they have received.  In one church known to me the reading of the book by one man led to a prayer meeting such as they had not experienced before.

In these superficial and confused days I thank God for a book such as this and pray that He may bless it to countless souls.

D. M. Lloyd-Jones

Westminster Chapel,



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