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Home New Testiment Studies James 1:19-27 – Bible Study - Text

James 1:19-27 – Bible Study - Text

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James 1:19-27 – Bible Study



Read the passage


  • ØIdentify any words you don’t understand.



Side Bar: It is typical of James to move from one paragraph to another by repeating a key word. Here having spoken of regeneration (new birth) v18, he goes on to speak of the place of God’s word – expressing His will – should have in the Christians life.

  1. 1.What are possible hindrances and dangers that may prevent God's word taking root and bearing fruit in our lives?




  1. 2.V18 - Why do we need to be born again? (Rom 5:12-14 )




  1. 3.What is the purpose of the Bible? (2 Tim 3:14-16 )



  1. 4.Why is Jesus word's life changing? (John 5:24 )



  1. 5.How do the first fruits point to God's new creation? (Gen 3:3 , 2 Cor 5:17 , Heb 13 :



  1. 6.Trace the argument from v19 - 21 what practical steps does it give concerning communication and anger.





  1. 7.Why are repentance and humility needed for salvation?




  1. 8.What ways lead to blessing? (James1v22-25?)




  1. 9.v26 - Why is self control essential in our speech?




10. What is the correlation between our worship of God and caring for the weak? (Ps 68:5, Matt 25:34-46 )




Thought to take away

The Bible has much to say about words. God's word brought creation and reality into being. It created us in His image but we disobeyed his word. The gospel is God's good word about our bad record in heaven and our bad hearts on earth.  Jesus Christ is the word in person (John 1 : 1-4). God's plan is to remake us in his image through relationship with Jesus. Our words reflect our hearts. Jesus died that we might be truth speakers like Him. His death gives me new power to speak into people's lives. Hence prayer and His Spirit are indispensible to our speaking and serving each other. 

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