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Sermons of Greg Lee

Greg Lee


Greg Lee

Greg is married to Emma and they have 3 kids; James, Sophia and Amelia. Greg and Emma both come from the coast and met in their first week at University in 1991. They moved to Newcastle in 1999 and Greg became the senior pastor of Hunter Bible Church in 2000. Greg’s main roles are public Bible teaching and evangelism, praying as well as overseeing the staff and thinking through the future of Hunter Bible Church.

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# Title Scripture Reference Date Time Series Additional file
585   Guidance Talk 1 By Greg Lee 01.01.0401:07:09 Wintercon 2004
587   Guidance Talk 2 By Greg Lee 01.01.0400:00 Wintercon 2004
589   Guidance Talk 3 By Greg Lee 01.01.0400:00 Wintercon 2004
591   Guidance Talk 4 By Greg Lee James 4:13 01.01.0400:00 Wintercon 2004
593   Guidance Question Time By Greg Lee 01.01.0400:00 Wintercon 2004

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