Christian Library Australia

...because God cares about you

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Christian Library Australia




Since late 1997 thousands of Christians have made use of our

resources, many unique to us. We give God Glory for his preached word

which is the only hope for a dying world under the judgement of God.


Welcome to the Christian Library in Australia

Welcome to the Christian Library in Australia. An online library to encourage people concerning the christian faith by the reading and study of the Bible and other multimedia Christian resources.

A collection of Biblical studies, lectures, sermons, articles, videos and audio files are available.



Interested in finding out about missional communities?

Soma Communities National Gathering

January 2015, 22nd-25th from Thursday to Sunday - Adelaide will be hosting it.

Interview with founder Jeff Vanderstelt on what is a missional Church


New - free online courses by Dr Albert N Martin here with video, audio and notes (Off Site)

New - How to heal ourselves - Text - Paul Thompson and Tim Keller




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