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Two Ways to Live

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Jay Adams
John Blanchard
Julian Bull
D A Carson
Herbert M. Carson
David Cook
Paul Cook
Stephen Curry
Andrew Davies
Pam Davies
Monica Farrell
Robert Fisher
Graeme Goldsworthy
Rev. Grier
Graham Harrison
Martin Holdt
Erroll Hulse
David Jones
Hywel Jones
Peter Law
John Leevers
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
David Kingdon
Donald Macleod
Douglas MacMillan
Al Martin
Alister McGrath
Graham Miller
John Murray
Susan Murray
John Paterson
J.I. Packer
June Perry
Cornelis Pronk
Klaas Runia
Fred Siebert
Geoffery Thomas
Ian Thomas
Merv Topp
Sam Waldron
Edward J Young

Audio Messages

Welcome to the audio messages page of the Christian Library, at present we are updating the content on this page so you will notice the menu to the right of this page change on a weekly basis. Feel free to download the MP3 audio files and listen to the audio streaming links.

New Messages

Digitizing Project at the Christian Library

The Christian Library is in the process of transfering "Reel to Reel" and "cassette tape" into digital audio formats which are then made available for free download as MP3, RealMedia and Windows Media Audio formats.

The process of transfering to digital takes about 2 hours per message. At present the library has approximately 700 tapes waiting to be transfered to digital which will no doubt take a few years to complete.

New messages are being added weekly so come back and brows or join the facebook group to recieve updates of new content.

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