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Dealing With the Cultist

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Cults By Rev. Paul Seiler

Dealing With the Cultist


It is very common to have members of these cults come to your door. Almost everyone in Australia has had a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon at their door at some time or other.

What should you do when a cultist comes to your door? There are some Christians who believe that you should not allow any member of a cult into your home. They argue that the Bible clearly instructs us not to entertain such people into our homes. They maintain that when such people come to our doors we should simply tell them to go away. They would base this conduct on the teaching of the apostle John in his second epistle (2 John 10 ). This is, in the author's opinion, a misunderstanding of this passage. For this passage of Holy Scripture should be understood in its cultural context. Properly understood, it does not prevent you from inviting a cultist into your home to share the gospel with them. It does teach that you are not to encourage the cultist in his false belief. It should be understood that in John's day, to invite someone into your home was to receive them as a guest and to give approval to them. This is not the case today, inviting someone into our home in no way gives any indication that we approve of their teaching. If a Christian is sufficiently mature in his or her understanding of Scripture, then inviting a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon into his or her home is an opportunity for evangelism. However, if a Christian is immature in his or her faith, and unfamiliar with the teachings of the cult, then it would be better not to engage in a discussion with the cultist.


May the author offer you this bit of advice which came from an ex-Jehovah's Witness, who is now a Christian. She said, “....the Christians who had the greatest impact upon her were those who gave a simple testimony of their Christian faith.” One thing that these cultists lack is an assurance of salvation. These cults teach a salvation by works. So, whenever you encounter a member of a cult, be sure to tell them of how you are sure of your salvation because of your trust in Jesus Christ. It will be so easy to get diverted from this and get caught up in all sorts of controversies. Be sure to let them know that you are trusting in the grace of God and not depending upon your works. Let them know that you are trusting in the merit of Christ to save you.

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