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Home Sermons Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 of March 8th 2014 - A Christian response

Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 of March 8th 2014 - A Christian response

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Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 of March 8th 2014 - A Christian response 




by Paul Thompson


The missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 of March 8th 2014 demands a Christian response.  We have been shocked to the core.  Our sense of mortality and the brevity of life have hit us hard. This mystery has forces us to ask; "Why did God allow this?"  We are upset and we want answers!


But wait a moment. Why are we so quick to blame God when things go wrong, yet we totally ignore Him when life is good?


Our response is to dish it out to God. Surely this is proof that deep down we do believe He exists. How sad that it takes a tragedy for us to acknowledge Him even if it's wrongly!


Does Christianity have a response to human suffering? Or do events like this just discredit Christianity because it seems so unloving and unchristian!


The Apostle Paul writing to Christians in Rome said that God is the creator of the world and all we see around us shouts His existence.  It goes on to say that even though we know this God we choose to ignore Him. The evidence is also before us.  It also says God is not happy about this and one-day will bring judgement to all who ignore Him.  


Isn't it curious that whenever we see injustice and oppression we are quick to seek justice?  The problem is we have one standard for ourselves and one for God. Because He is both Holy and perfectly just He will bring a right justice.


Why does God allow evil in the world? Is there an answer?  Can we reconcile the fact that if God is a God of love how can He allow so much suffering and evil in the world? 


The message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is that we cannot understand what is happening in this world or ourselves apart from its message. We must humbly submit ourselves to the God of this Bible.  God says to us in His story the Bible four life changes truths;

1.    You are made for relationship...with this God 


To deny that God exists is foolish in the extreme. The Bible says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." Yet we ignore Him. The record of the creation of the world and man as a perfect moral being fill the early chapters of the Bible. Only in it do we find the basis of true reality. This world was made by God and for God. We are the crown of His creation and made for relationship. Firstly with this God then with each other. This is the basis of true happiness. The truly happy person the Bible says is the one who is in right relationship and submission to this creator God and His Son Jesus.

2.    The bad news is you have rebelled against God...


The Bible gives the answer to why there are wars, fighting within families, divorce, and crime. It also tells us why there are accidents and sickness and death. The answer is that this world is no longer perfect because of our rebellion to this Creator God. Only a fool would be blind to the fact this world is in a terrible mess.


 Every one of us is in rebellion to God because of what happened after creation. Two historical people, Adam and Eve chose to ignore God and rebelled against His rule. We have been reaping the consequences ever since; unhappiness, disease, suffering, death and a world that is out of wack. God said if we went our own way, He would punish us. He did this with the children of Israel. Although God does not cause suffering and evil He alone can bring good out of bad. We need to see His power to control events and His love.


The Bible says we are moral beings accountable to God. This is shocking but we need to hear it to be set us free by His Spirit.


  1. 3.The good news is only Jesus can change us into His friends


The Bible goes on to say although things got messed up, God promised to send someone who would make everything right. This person is Jesus Christ, God's Son. The reason God came Himself and took on human flesh was only He is powerful enough to make things right again. Jesus restores the relationship broken in Adam. That's good news for us who are not right with God through our rebellion. Only Jesus is a prophet who tells us about God. A priest to act for us and a king to rule over us. How loving God is to send His Son.


In Jesus, God does two amazing and unique things...


He proves He is God; How? In the gospels Jesus proves He is God. He has power over nature, disease, evil and death. Jesus calmed storms, healed diseases, drove out demons and rose again from the dead proving beyond doubt He is God! Therefore He is able to overcome evil and death for all who will believe in Him. Yet in all his trials and suffering He did not sin. He is the only one who perfectly kept God's laws. Only God cannot sin.


He proves He is man; How? Jesus was born and died. He was hungry, wept, and became angry and tired so He can identify with us. He was made in the likeness of men. The Old Testament predicted a Saviour figure would usher in a new kingdom. Jesus is that one.  The Gospels finally tell us that Jesus died on a cross for rebels. Again the Old Testament pictures sacrifice as the way to appease God. [He is holy and must punish rebellion.] It is against His nature. On the cross God poured out his anger on His son Jesus instead of people. This was so you may come back into relationship with God. His resurrection displayed His power over death and evil.


The wonder of the cross is Jesus became the criminal we are. It really is a great exchange. God can now treat you as though you had never rebelled. God's holiness was satisfied so you will not be judged and sent to hell. What love that a broken relationship restored. You can by God's grace know Him again and worship Him in response.

4.    So stop ignoring God and accept Jesus' rule over your life

God wants you to respond to this disaster by turning from your rebellion to living His way. Why not stop being self-centred. Tell Him you are sorry for ignoring Him.  He pleads with you to stop rebelling before it is too late. Trust Jesus' life and death one hundred percent for  your forgiveness and a new start. God is calling you now, yes you by name to submit to His rule and become His child. He loves you so much!


Ask Him to make you a new person with a desire to love and serve Him. To ignore Jesus is a sure ticket to disaster.   Will you spend eternity in heaven because of Jesus or in Hell because of your rebellion? Call on Jesus now! He said; "Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me."  John 14:1


So God made you for relationship...with Himself. The bad news is you are a rebel before this holy God and you deserve His wrath and hell for ever. But the good news is He sent his Son Jesus Christ to live the life you could not live and die the death you could not die so you might have His life, new life, eternal life. Why not stop ignoring God and accept Jesus' rule over your life today. Pray to Him now telling Him you are a rebel, you believe no longer in yourself but in His Son Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness. Tell Him you are sorry for your rebellion and turn away from your autonomy to love and serve Him all your life. Don it now He is calling you to Himself because He made you and loves you so much.  Please contact us if we can help you more.


God says; "Seek the Lord while He may be found

Call upon Him while He is near."


Isaiah 55:6






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