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Graeme Goldsworthy Audio Messages

Hunter Gospel Ministries Preaching Conference 2004

A Practical Workshop on Preaching was held from 1-2 September 2004 at Islington Baptist Church 178 Maitland Road, Islington (opposite Islington Park)

Graeme Goldsworthy respected theologian and author. He has served as both theological lecturer (at Moore Theological College) and church Pastor. He has always been keenly interested in how the Gospel of Jesus guides our understanding of the Old Testament.

His many books include "Gospel and Kingdom", "According to Plan", "The Gospel in Revelation" and "Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture".

Graeme has four adult children and currently lives at Bilambil Heights, just west of Tweed Heads with his wife, Miriam. He spends his free time playing the trumpet, reading and enjoying life in the Sun.

Wednesday 1st September (8:30-3:00pm) Graeme will speak about the major principles of Biblical Theology and how they affect preaching from the Old Testament.

Wednesday Evening 1st September (7:30pm) This will be a chance for everyone in our churches to hear Graeme as he speaks on "Even Angels Long to Look... How the Old Testament was written for Christians!"

Thursday 2nd September (8:30-3:00pm) Graeme will lead us through preparing a series of talks from 1 Kings 3-10.

Preaching the Old Testament is exciting and daunting. Rousing tales of Judges, Prophets and Kings. From Exodus to Exile and beyond, the riches of Israel's history and God's promises unfold!

And yet preaching the Old Testament can be an intimidating task. How do I overcome a general unfamiliarity with Old Testament? How do I preach through a book the size of Isaiah? How do I apply Leviticus? And how do I preach Jesus from Numbers?

Fears like these see many preachers confine their efforts to the New Testament. But the latest Hunter Gospel Ministries Preachers conference aims to equip and excite us to preach Jesus in the whole Bible.

Basic Presuppositions By Graeme Goldsworthy 1:10:08

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on Basic Presuppositions.

Jesus and Unity of the Bible By Graeme Goldsworthy 1:12:14

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on Jesus and Unity of the Bible.

Jesus Fulfiller of all promise and prophecy By Graeme Goldsworthy 52:33

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on Jesus Fulfiller of all promise and prophecy.

Aim of sermons on the Old Testament By Graeme Goldsworthy 38:17

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on Aim of sermons on the Old Testament.

Relevance of the Old Testament to Christians By Graeme Goldsworthy 1:02:12

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on Relevance of the Old Testament to Christians.

1 Kings 3-4 Solomon and Wisdom By Graeme Goldsworthy 1:11:03

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on 1 Kings 3-4 Solomon and Wisdom.

1 Kings 5-7 Solomon and Temple By Graeme Goldsworthy 51:59

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on 1 Kings 5-7 Solomon and Temple.

1 Kings 8 Solomon's Prayer By Graeme Goldsworthy 55:54

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on 1 Kings 8 Solomon's Prayer.

1 Kings Blessing to the nations By Graeme Goldsworthy 9:03

Graeme Goldsworthy preaches on 1 Kings Blessing to the nations.

Links to other material by Graeme Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy on Biblical Theology for the church (text and audio) here

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